Sunday, March 29, 2009

Death Cab For Cutie To Release New Material In The Coming Weeks -

Death Cab For Cutie will release "The Open Door EP" as soon as next week digitally and is currently premiering a new song daily on The 5-song ep consists of 4 new songs and 1 demo from their Narrow Stairs recording sessions. Although some critics seem to think Narrow Stairs was a half-hearted effort, missing much of their earlier energy and creativity, I found it very focused and lyrically just as strong as any other album. Where some people saw repetitive and boring, I recognized an attempt to flesh out serious emotions with simple song structures(The closing, "The Ice Is Getting Thinner" is a beautiful song and prime example). If in fact you did enjoy Death Cab's latest offering, then you should not be disappointed with the companion ep.

"Little Bribes" was introduced as "Casino Blues" during Ben Gibbard's solo/acoustic tour and sort of gets lost with the full band. Even if it was polished a bit more, it would have seemed ridiculously out of place on Narrow Stairs. Give a listen to Ben's original version taken from Philly in 07. "A Diamond & A Tether" is fantastic, so much that I'm upset it didn't make the album, I can't wait to hear it live! Check out the chorus of your new favorite song, "I know you can't hold out forever/Waiting on a diamond and a tether/From a boy who can't swim/But who will dip his toe in/Just to keep you here with him..."

The Official Tracklisting:
1. Little Bribes
2. A Diamond and a Tether
3. My Mirror Speaks
4. I Was Once a Loyal Lover
5. Talking Bird (demo)

The Open Door Ep is scheduled for release on 3/31 (digital), 4/7 (on tour) & 4/14 (retail). If you were fortunuate to get tickets, Death Cab For Cutie will play the Aragon, April 17th. See you there.

Casino Blues - Ben Gibbard

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