Friday, June 19, 2009

Brendan Benson - Finally!!!

In 2002, while watching 120 Minutes on MTV, I stumbled upon Brendan Benson and his beautiful song, "Metarie". Not expecting much in return, I hesitantly bought his album Lapalco and I am thankful for that. Lapalco was his second album, I had missed the boat on his first, but the music, the hooks, the lyrics, it was all there. How was this guy under the radar? Based out of Michigan at the time, now hanging around in Nashville, Brendan knows how to make a song that will stick in your head for days.

He found slight success with The Alternative To Love, even getting a coveted iTunes ad for his song "What I'm Looking For" in 2005. But most people, if any, know him from The Raconteurs, his band with Jack White. Sharing songwriting and guitar duties, the band hit the ground running and have put out two phenomenal album. I was happy to see him get some well deserved recognition, but also hoping for another solo album.

Countless demos later, we hear news that he will release his 4th album, "My Old, Familiar Friend" through ATO Records on August 8th. Even better news is a tour will start around the same time, with a stop at Schuba's, an incredibly small venue for such a great talent. The local show is August 20th, tickets on sale now. The first single is "A Whole Lot Better" which I can't track down, but another tune has surfaced, "Feel Like Taking You Home" and will be up shortly. For now, check out the video that started it all...

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