Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to my complete music library...

I'm not sure how many people have encountered this dilemma and it may sound absurd to a few. But, I am only 8 gigs short of maxing out my current iPod. When I bought the 160 gig model, I never imagined that I would fill it. However, with the accessibility of torrents my library seemed to double over night! That being said, no one really needs this much music. In fact, you probably only listen to a few artists with the rest just taking up space. The only question is: What do I get rid of? As I scroll through the artists, that question gets heavier and heavier.

So in an act of utter stupidity I have come to a very democratic and time consuming conclusion. I will actually listen to every song/album/artist I own. If it sucks, it's gone. Do I really need Bishop Allen's "October EP", or Matt Pond PA's "Measure"? My hope is to have a leaner, kickass iPod at my disposal and enough room to continue to find and enjoy new music. So let's begin...

Here are the rules:
1. I will listen to them alphabetically. The first artist is A-Trak, up next Ac/Dc, followed by Adam Ant, etc.
2. Because I appreciate the idea/concept of the "album" I will listen to the album in it's entirety as it was intended to be heard.
3. After completing the letter, I will post a blog about something great, something I found, or something about a band and their career.
4. If you want a more detailed account, I will send out a tweet from my account (theearlynerd) every time I start a new band.

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