Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing: Absofacto

Jonathan Visger has been recording under the name Absofacto for over 4 years now, releasing singles and remixes from his home base of Ann Arbor, Michigan. His remix of Ra Ra Riot's Each Year was featured on RCRD LBL in 2010 and with each new track, I am impressed.

Initially, his music was more experimental, loaded with textures and effects. However, recently it has developed a much stronger pop sentiment, without losing an ounce of honesty. Last year saw the release of Sinking Islands, a collection of his singles, plus 2 news ones.

Since then, he's been adding songs to an album called Loners, which is actually not an album at all. Instead a collection of misfits looking for a home. One of them, Lies, was released in late January and has quickly become a favorite. A full length debut is due this year, with the promise of a few shows as well.

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