Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix

Way back in 2001, Tenacious D released their first album. A mix of metal, comedy and folk that found a cult following. Prior to that duo was best known for their appearances on Mr. Show and a short-lived series on HBO.

For better or worse, after gaining quite a few celebrity fans, the D was pushed to the back burner as both actors worked on films. To make matters worse, after Jack had a series of hits, they decided to release a movie and album titled, The Pick of Destiny. The 2006 film bombed and all has been relatively quiet since then.

However, 2012 will see the Rize Of The Fenix, a new album slated for release on May 15th. In typical oddball fashion, the first video includes no actual music, but tries to bring us up to speed. Listen to the first single after the video and catch them at the Aragon, July 7th.

Absolutely genius, don't you think? As an added bonus you can watch their video for Fuck Her Gently, easily the greatest video of all time.

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