Friday, May 24, 2013

Disclosure - You & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle) Baauer Remix

If there is anyone in the world who's ready to bury Harlem Shake, it's Baauer. Sure, it's great for a song to be accepted around the world, enough to inspire even your grandma to upload a viral video. But, almost anything that grows that fast, usually dies even faster.

I've seen the reports that his Coachella set was fake, barely moving a knob and accused of just pressing play and wondered if all this was too much for a 24 year old from Philly. His rise along with the explosion of EDM and more specifically, the Trap genre, seemed like the perfect storm.

However, I'm happy to report that Baauer is not a one-trick pony and all the proof you need is his "drop-less" remix of Disclosure's You & Me. Out with the ultra lounge stroll and soulful vocals and in with enough energy to make your chest explode. It's amazing what some hand claps and sped up vocals can do; don't you think? Be careful around the 3 minute mark, it's too ill for words.

Don't sleep on Disclosure either, these guys are legit and only 2 weeks away from releasing their debut album, Settle. You can pre-order it right now on iTunes for $6.99.Check out the video and give the original version a listen.

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