Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Gray "A Moment Changes Everything"

As I mentioned on my Ray LaMontagne post, David Gray will be releasing a new album, "Foundling" on August 17th. Despite the fact that he released the critically-acclaimed "Draw The Line" less than a year ago, he is back with the first single, "A Moment Changes Everything". The 20 track, 2-disc set was recorded in London where David took on the duties of producing the album as well. Enjoy the song and see you at the sold out show in August!

1. Only The Wine
2. Foundling
3. Forgetting
4. Gossamer Thread
5. The Old Chair
6. In God's Name
7. We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight
8. Holding On
9. When I Was In Your Heart
10. A New Day At Midnight
11. Dave Jones' Locker
Disc 2
1. Fixative
2. Morning Theme
3. The Dotted Line
4. A Million Years
5. Who’s Singing Now
6. Old Father Time
7. Indeed I Will
8. A Moment Changes Everything
9. More To Me Now

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