Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dashboard Confessional - A Guardian of Sorts (To Catch You)

I am constantly fighting technology, or at least delaying it. When I was in college, I bought every CD that was released from my favorite bands, with a collection growing well over 1,500. Before that, I bought tapes and I'm even old enough to have received Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" on vinyl for Christmas. To be frank, I hate MP3 is his smug cousin FLAC.

That being said, a ton of artist are embracing technology and getting music out faster than ever. In the past week, Best Coast, Dashboard Confessional and a few others have given away songs. New songs, for free.

Chris Carrabba followed a tweet on the 13th about "working on some tunes", with another message on the 14th simply stating, "Just Recorded This...". The song titled, A Guardian of Sorts (To Catch You) is available now using the widget below. As he finishes up his 10 year anniversary tour of The Swiss Army Romance, it's good to hear something so raw. Those who didn't get to grab a poster for his Chicago show can go here to get a limited edition poster from Lincoln Hall.



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