Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coming to a theater near you...

Apparently, musicians have more to say than what is recorded in the studio. Beginning this Friday, three major acts will release documentaries to tell the story of their band. If you listen to some of the reviews, these 3 films are not to be missed.

The Foo Fighters are set to release "Back and Forth" in a limited screening tonight, followed by a 3D concert where they will play their new album, Wasting Light in its entirety. Sadly, the closest showing was in Dekalb, IL; so I'm missing it. However, for readers with the cable channel Palladia, they will premiere it this Friday. The trailer looks like it could really get into some dark material, unusual territory for a good time having band. In fact, drummer Taylor Hawkins recently said he would prefer the film not be released. In a recent interview with NME he said, "I wish we wouldn't put the fucking movie out to be honest because I'm not really comfortable with the public sort of openness... We almost broke up and I almost died and all those crazy things have happened. And that's what people want".

The Kings of Leon released a trailer today for their film, Talihina Sky, which will premiere at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. For those of you not familiar with the Followill's upbringing, their father was a Pentecostal preacher and let's just say; the boys strayed from the pack a little bit. The film includes home movies, concert footage and more than a few shots of their well-known debauchery. Watch the incredibly honest scene where their father stops just short of saying they are going to hell.

Probably the most anticipated film for me is PJ20, the Cameron Crowe directed film commemorating Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary. The band has not issued a trailer or release date, but rumors have it debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year. Guitarist Mike McCready uploaded a 30 second segment on to the band's Youtube channel, and that's about it. Although, bassist Jeff Ament recently mentioned that he was amazed at all the early footage in the film, adding "I don't even remember cameras being around for some scenes". As soon as I get a trailer, it'll be posted. I promise.

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