Friday, August 5, 2011

Lollapalooza Week - Foo Fighters

My biggest complaint about Lolla's lineup this year is the horrible choices for headliners. It seems like they regularly only have 1 or 2 bands that interest me over the entire weekend and out of this year's choices, I only want to see the Foo Fighters. So far it's been a pretty good year for the guys with the release of Wasting Light and a career-spanning documentary, Back and Forth. One of the main reasons they continue to have so much success is due to the fact that they really do try and reach the fans. Before the release of their new album, they played secret shows throughout California and then went out the "Garage" tour, where they played 5 garages in the US. I've seen them many times, expect a ton of energy and all the hits. Fuck Deadmau5, Cold War Kids & Kid Cudi, you better be at the Music Unlimited stage Sunday night.A dug pretty deep for some nice tracks, download and thanks for reading. I'm off to Lollapalooza, follow me on Twitter (theearlynerd) for updates all day...

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