Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Dress Well - Again (Janet Jackson Cover)

How To Dress Well is set to release its second album, Total Loss, on September 18th. Following the success of his debut album, Love Remains, you can expect more deconstructed R&B to soundtrack your late nights/early mornings.

Based on the first two singles (Cold Nites & Ocean Floor For Everything), I'm happy to hear clearer vocals and smoother production. Most of Love Remains was built around lo-fi vocals, vinyl pops and fuzzy synths.

If you ever questioned his sincerity, today we got a gushing, heartfelt cover of Janet Jackson's Again. A song that was already frail and damaged, ends up wounded and alone, if that's even possible. Take a listen and download it for free.

Vinyl geeks take notice; the album is being sold right now on a Pink/White marbled run of 350, that includes a bonus 7". If you miss out on that, you can order a Pink vinyl copy, limited to 1000. Both available at the Acephale webstore.

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