Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lollapalooza Week - Passion Pit

From the outside, Passion Pit are having a really good time. A top 10 debut for their latest album, Gossamer, a sold out tour and a trio of can't-miss singles: Take a Walk, I'll Be Alright, Constant Conversations.

But if you happened to read Pitchfork's cover story on lead singer, Michael Angelakos, you'd know how important their set at Lollapalooza really is. After a string of cancellations so Angelakos could "improve his mental health", they are going to attempt to straighten the ship on the biggest stage. 

While you might have these songs playing at your next party, just take a look at the titles: Love is Greed, Cry Like a Ghost, Two Veils to Hide My Face. Personally, I think they should have canceled the entire tour, but the industry doesn't work that way. I really do feel sorry for the guy. He makes a great record and he can't even enjoy it.

So go check them out, sing along so loud he forgets for a couple hours about the stress and chaos. You have THREE chances to see them. They are playing a sold out show on Thursday at the House of Blues. Followed by a DJ set at the Filter party in Logan Square. Their Lolla slot is Friday, 6pm at the Bud Light Stage.

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