Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love

Ra Ra Riot will release their third album, Beta Love, on January 22nd, via Barsuk Records. Today, we got our first taste with the title track, Beta Love. While the soaring vocals of Wes Miles remain, the energy has been kicked up a few notches with synths front and center.

The change could be attributed to the departure of cellist, Alexandra Lawn. Violinist, Rebecca Zeller, remains with the group and manages to find a few spots to accent the optimistic, buoyant track.

As a fan of their previous work, one that earned the genre baroque/chamber pop, I feel this is a natural progression. Whether it be their faithful cover of Steve Winwood's Valerie, or Wes' side project, Discovery, these guys always had the energy and talent to make a song like this. Let's hope there is much more to come.

Tickets for their show at the Metro are still available. Free download, enjoy.

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