Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shout Out Louds - Blue Ice

When last we heard of Shout Out Louds, the Swedish lads were locked into the 6th spot on our "Top 10 Songs of 2010" post, with the infectious, 1999. Today we get to see what they've been working on since then. Blue Ice is the first track from their forthcoming album, due early next year. The song finds them slowing down a bit with a measured tone and gentle strings.

While the song doesn't exactly evoke frigid temperatures, the title and their "Ice Record Project", certainly does. An extremely limited run of 10 box sets will let fans create a 7" of out ice. I'm not exactly sure what that does to your needle and turntable. But, those interested can enter to win one by sending your name and address to the bands email account, Good Luck!

Head over to their site for a free download of Blue Ice, and watch the video below for more info about the "Ice Record Project".

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