Friday, February 8, 2013

Desaparecidos - Anonymous/The Left Is Right

Never ones to mince words, Desaparecidos have released two scorching songs, Anonymous and The Left Is Right. The release coincides with their first tour of the UK, and is available to stream below.

As the title suggests, Anonymous, is a bombastic, confrontational track in support of the well-known hacking group. Stabbing guitars and a defiant chorus have never sounded better.

The Left Is Right, is a reassuring, and hopefully recharging, song for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, with the "1%" clearly in their sights. Powerful drums and even more powerful words - If one must die to save the ninety-nine/Maybe it's justified/The left is right - make this one of Conor Oberst's best.

The band is pressing a very limited 7", available for pre-order exclusively on their site.

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