Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Killers - Runaways (RAC Mix)

The Killers have made a fairly decent living by pretty much making the same song, over and over again. You've heard it, right? Bright synths, catchy hook and soaring refrain that makes you feel like driving your car fast and far, far away. Nine years after their debut, they are still in such a hurry.

Enter André Allen Anjos, aka RAC, and his glistening remix. With little more than a deliberate, splashing drum snare and hand claps, Brandon Flowers and the boys finally find time to catch their breath and it's amazing. From the moment you hear the 80's beat and fading synth, you might as well be watching Pretty in Pink or playing Pac-Man.

As usual, the track is FREE, so grab it and start your weekend off right. RAC will be in town at the MID, Friday, May 10. RSVP here for no cover.

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