Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lollapalooza Week - Disclosure

In May I gave you a listen to Baauer's remix of You & Me, and told you to watch out for Disclosure's debut album, Settle. I hope you took my advice, because the sibling duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence are not messing around.

To say they have been on a hot streak would be an understatement. Latch, featuring Sam Smith, found its way to #2 on the UK dance chart. White Noise, their second single, went straight to #1 and has been a club staple since its release in February. The aforementioned You & Me peaked at #6 and just for good measure, their album hit #1 in the UK, #5 in Australia, #8 in Belgium and (sadly) #38 in the US.

Up next for Disclosure is their fourth single, F For You, and while it may be lagging on the charts, it's so deliciously good, it might be exactly what the guys need to find a larger audience in the states. Check out the video (full screen HIGHLY suggested) and tell me there is somewhere else you'd rather be when they hit The Grove Stage at 6pm on Friday.

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