Friday, December 6, 2013

Childish Gambino - 3005 [Video]

Childish Gambino will release his second album, Because The Internet, next week and today he debuted the video for 3005. While the song and entertaining video would be enough to merit a post, it seems he's hell bent on breaking the internet or at least my twitter feed with some very exciting extras to go along with the music.

Last night he tweeted excerpts of a screenplay that should accompany the album. He is also using the site, to display visuals with notes of when to play his songs. Then there is the exhibit in conjunction with Rough Trade's new Brooklyn store that will recreate Gambino's bedroom and offer a free in-store performance on Saturday. This doesn't even include his short film, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, that may or may not be a prelude to the album/screenplay.

Still with me? Whether you choose to completely immerse yourself in every facet or not, the album is very good and currently streaming on iTunes. For now, just watch the video and follow the madness on Twitter...

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