Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dead Weather - The Vic 7/28/09

After listening to The Dead Weather's Horehound for the last month or so, I was hoping that my expectations weren't too high for the show. With only one album out, most bands play a very short set and usually don't have the ability or time to change the studio version into something better live. Thankfully, this band is full of top notch musicians who pounced on the opportunity to play loud, occasionally jam and energize an already salivating crowd.

First and foremost, please allow me at least 5 hours to tell you how great Alison Mosshart(The Kills) is... She is the epitome of a lead singer and anyone hoping to draw in a crowd while nailing the vocals should take notice. I will be honest, I normally do not like female lead singers due to the fact that they don't convey the same emotions and usually keep the vocals on the high end, normally ruining rock music. Alison Mosshart is not your typical female lead singer. Most guys would struggle leading a band with Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs) on the drums, or even near the stage, but she demanded attention and more than held her own.

Even Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) took it up a notch, swaying back in forth during some fuzzed out riffs and removing his trademark leather jacket. Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) might have been the most valuable player last night, seamlessly moving from guitar to keyboard, often during the same song. But the attraction is and will always be Jack White, who can really hit some skins, but got the biggest applause when he strapped on a guitar and let loose. If you were fortunate enough to see last night's show, you realized this side band may turn into a full time gig, because the audience was dying for more when the lights turned on. They are playing again tonight, maybe that will satisfy me, for now...

1. 60 Feet Tall
2. Bone House
3. Hang You From The Heavens
4. You Just Can't Win (Them cover)
5. So Far From Your Weapon
6. Cut Like a Buffalo
7. A Child of a Few Hours is Burning to Death (West Coast Pop Art Experiment cover)
8. Rocking Horse
9. No Hassle Night
10. Will There Be Enough Water
11. Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover)
12. Treat Me Like Your Mother
13. New Pony

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