Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lollapalooza Week - Chiddy Bang

I would consider Chiddy Bang a pretty unknown hip-hop duo, unless you like indie beats sprinkled over some serious flow. The Philadelphia duo (Proto & Xaphoon) created a bit of buzz a while back as they sampled MGMT, Passion Pit and even Radiohead. The funny thing is, I think they might have done pretty well just creating beats and losing the gimmick. It does get old after a while. Nevertheless, they have dropped two mix tapes (The Swelly Express & Air Swell) and should be a real change of pace at Lollapalooza. Check them out at Perry's on Sunday at 3:30.

This track is from "The Swelly Express", a good song to start your day with.
Get Up In The Morning by theearlynerd

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