Monday, July 30, 2012

Lollapalooza Week - Frank Ocean

Lollapalooza is back, and so is the 2012 edition of "Lollapalooza Week". Check back each day this week, for an artist not to be missed.

While I'm not ready to crown Frank Ocean's debut album Channel ORANGE, the year's best. I'm certainly not dumb enough to deny his talent. A member of hip hop collective Odd Future, he began his career writing hits for John Legend and Brandy. Last year he collaborated with Jay-Z and Kanye on Watch The Throne, released a critically acclaimed mixtape, Nostalgia ULTRA, and the hits just kept on coming.

If you've listened to Channel ORANGE, its an incredible debut. I'm just not comfortable with the amount of snippets and half songs, that make it more of a collage than a finished product. A few songs end so abruptly, I thought there was something wrong with my copy.

However, when he does stretch out and finish his thoughts, the results are brilliant. Pyramids, coming in at just under 10 minutes is the perfect amount of funk, hip hop, R&B, and electro. Thinking Bout You, I'm sure has at least a few artists wishing he was still selling his songs. Other highlights include Pilot Jones and Forrest Gump, giving him more than enough material to merit catching his whole set.

Catch him at the Google Play stage, Saturday, at 8:45.

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