Monday, May 18, 2009

Eminem - Relapse Review

Once upon a time Eminem ruled the world. That may seem like an exaggeration, but if you were able to escape Slim Shady from 1999-2002, you were either dead or living in a bomb shelter. After releasing "The Slim Shady LP", you simply could not avoid him. Everyone had an opinion from your little cousin to elected officials. But as B.I.G. said: "Mo Money, Mo Problems"... With every album came more awards, more lawsuits, more drugs and most importantly, more expectations.

Not counting Curtain Call (The Hits) and The Re-Up (Mix Tape), Relapse has been five years in the making and quite honestly, it sounds like it. What happened to the hit making, controversy stirring icon that had Marilyn Manson and Elton John on speed dial? When did he become so boring, even worse predictable? Produced by Dr. Dre, check. Song about Mom, check. Goofy single mocking current celebrities, check. Physical abuse, check. Violence, double check. One thing that has changed is Eminem's attitude. Some critics, notably Rolling Stone have praised the album for it's honesty and introspection, but I prefer him at his best, angry and hostile.

Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I wanted him to push the boundaries. Maybe I'll look at this record in a few years and see a real transition. Right now, I'm thinking, maybe he's just a one trick pony.

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  1. if only he killed kim and wrote some songs about that!