Friday, May 8, 2009

Pearl Jam Coming To Chicago

For those of you who may not know me very well, Pearl Jam is my favorite band, period. Over the years, they may have lost some of the celebrity status, definitely losing a large chunk of their earlier audience. But for those that stuck with them, they have continued to release entertaining music and perform exhilarating shows. Some of their demise, could be directly attributed to them, like refusing to make a video for their second album, VS. You could also say that music trends changed as they often do. Remember Biscuit? The sole purpose of this blog is to introduce you to good music and get you going to show, and without a doubt Pearl Jam is a band you have to see.

Pearl Jam will be returning for 2 shows this August (23rd & 24th) at the United Center. A presale is currently going on for the 23rd (password: brother), and both shows will go on sale tomorrow at 11:00 am. These 2 dates, plus another in Toronto are so far the only summer dates in North America, excluding festivals. I know some people may think catching any band from the 90's is a bit of a nostalgia trip, but like U2, they have continued to put out relevant music and know how to get a crowd roaring.

For those of you interested in a trip down memory lane, go see Poison or Journey! You also could buy the recently remastered version of their debut, Ten. Go to the website to check out the 4 editions they have available, it's just crazy how much they have put into the Super Deluxe Edition! Lazy people, I've attached a video for your viewing pleasure. Watch, then remember how awesome they are, then buy tickets...

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